I Might Be Returning To Ft. Lauderdale — Florida, For A New Adventure At Sun And Thunder, LLC. | Meeting a Friend and Maybe Magic Leap, Inc.?

Maybe that’s the case with me and Magic Leap, Inc.

As someone who has always sought out occupation with the business, for what seems close to a decade, and feels closer to a lifetime, that business has always gone above and beyond for him — and vice versa — However I have been unable to work there, I am now beginning to think that, ‘maybe I am being sent there so that It can be solved…

You may be wondering, just what is this thing with which you speak about. Solved? Solve what?

Well, I’m posting this because it has greatly to do with the history of r/magicleap —The Sub-Reddit for Rony’s most previous company. Magic Leap, Inc.

Here is a previous post for good measure. ;)

On the launch date of Magic Leap One: Creator’s Edition I also was awarded A ‘Golden Leaper’. I always knew that there would be more ‘tickets’, but now it seems that these tickets take the form of awards.

Do I need to be awarded something from the man with the plan, himself — he who is basically James Halliday and Willy ‘Willard Wilbur’ Wonka wrapped into one, in order to receive a most scrumdiddlyumptious ticket of gold?

It would seem that these golden tickets or rather these ‘awards’ have to be earned. Are these ‘awards’ actually our Golden Tickets back to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida? Only time will tell. ;)

It would seem so…

With @sunthundermedia on Twitter earlier today, Rony Abovitz congratulated my @Noah_A_S Twitter account as well as @iamseanunrau, for our valiant attempts at solving a ‘TEDx Sarasota ‘Talk’, for a hidden message, which is embedded within the video, which remains unsolved (for now). At which the reward is a very specific Duncan Yo-Yo, with something called the ‘On The Road Award’.

Does this mean that we are going to Sun And Thunder, LLC. in Florida?

For context, I am @Noah_A_S on Twitter, and the last time I received an award like this one, it came from Magic Leap, Inc. Now with the help of one of my best friends ever, both he and I have received the ‘On The Road Award’. The previous time something like this happened I, and only I was the lucky recipient of a Golden Leaper.

Am I, and my friend Sean going to return, (go to) Sun And Thunder, LLC.? And what of Magic Leap, Inc.? The company that we both so much, so want to work for.

All these questions and more on the episode of “Life”. The message still remains unsolved to this day.

🎶🎵 On the road again… 🎶🎵 On the road again… 🎶🎵 I just can’t wait to get on the road again… 🎶🎵




@thegoldenleaper | Connecter Throughout All Of Innerspaces From Between The Peoples’ Realities In The #Metaverse & Beyond. I also like #FUDGE. 🍫🍫🎫️

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@thegoldenleaper | Connecter Throughout All Of Innerspaces From Between The Peoples’ Realities In The #Metaverse & Beyond. I also like #FUDGE. 🍫🍫🎫️

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