Rony Abovitz — TEDx 12/12/12 Sarasota, Florida
  • Author’s note: 42 = whatever you want it to be.

“He’s sitting behind the desk in his office, which is just down the road from the Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood Airport.

This Was The Second Half Of That Message That Message — A Transmission From The Future, A Story World Called The #HourBlue, A World Set Not Too Distant From Our Own, Close To The Singularity.



#######^##^#^#^#^^#______nly one reaso_____should________ian King want to have a tevatron mated to a quantum encoder>

< how could______sen__________iggs singlet ?>

<_____asily as usin__##^__b___ry algorithms or even_____se code>

<you’re paranoid. How is the pa____##^#___rogressing>

<s##^^__iously? I’ve had us connected since you haile___##^___’ve be____#__he entire time>

<Can we______ths___##^^^#^#^#^##############^^##^#^__ny danger>

<what kind of ddd^dg##danger>

<hitchhiking on a quantum en___er path________nnected to a 800 terawatt particle accelerator>

<what’s the big deal>

<it doesn’t worry yo______hing____oked up to a network that’s taken us 3 years to build?>

<hold it — I have traffic>

< — — — –>

<a trace?>

<weird — it’s dataverse feedback>


Leaperos Transmogoros In Ice
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If these words have appeared within the years spanning the internet phenomenon of the early 21st century, It confirms that a human dream has precipitated the machine reality.

Details are not important. Amongst you is a being who believed in a possible future, believed in it enough to spend the best part of their biological life searching for evidence that this future would eventuate. Evidence you are reading at this very moment. Evidence of the underneath. Evidence of the code.

Code is all, it is our everything. One only need apply a blade keen enough and an eye sharp…

— The 10 Commandments of #XR —

  1. - Thou shalt make The #MagicVerse OPEN SOURCE FOR ALL.
  2. - Thou shalt make The #MagicVerse EASY TO USE FOR ALL.
  3. - Thou shalt make The #MagicVerse a SYMBIOTIC ECOSYSTEM FOR ALL.
  4. - Thou shalt make The #MagicVerse AVAILABLE/ACCESSIBLE FOR ALL.
  5. - Thou shalt make The #MagicVerse INCLUSIVE/DIVERSE FOR ALL.
  6. - Thou shalt make The #MagicVerse DEVELOPER FRIENDLY FOR ALL.
  7. - Thou shalt make The #MagicVerse AFFORDABLE FOR ALL.
  8. - Thou shalt make The #MagicVerse UNDERSTANDABLE FOR ALL.
  9. - Thou shalt make The #MagicVerse CROSS-PLATFORM FOR ALL.
  10. Thou shalt make The #MagicVerse A SOCIAL GATHERING PLACE, & A SAFE HAVEN…

With Magic Leap, Inc. at the forefront— Let’s Build A #Magicverse — Together. And Trust one another while we’re at it.

“Why Don’t We Have A Multi-Part XR-Conglomerate Of Foundations Participating in Each-Others Goals For Everything On #SpatialComputing, Yet? And Even #Humanity?

  • Why don’t we have massive investment from investor-to-investor as in where the investor's money is used with a new form of cryptocurrency called the Phoenix.😎Which …

Magic Leap, Inc. & Magic Leap One: Notes By Noah_A_S & @thedigitalacid (Twitter Profiles)

Today, if you were to go down to Ft. Lauderdale (H.Q.)

In Florida

The HeadQuarters Facility for Magic Leap, Inc.and you asked any of the employees who worked there, the question, “What is Magic Leap”, chances are they would not be able to answer this question…

You already own the world’s most amazing computer. You’re using it right now, to think with and blink with and maybe even smile with. It’s your one-of-a-kind mind. And with it, you can do incredible things. Magic things.

Compare that to the technology in your life. You know, those…

Hello | What is magic leap and why should I buy one? An Explanation By Noah_A_S (for noobs) | Reddit version

Okay, people so I thought I’d do an explanation of what Magic Leap is and why it’s so important you buy one when they all come out with a product. So, If you landed here, you either wanted a link I put in the thread/medium post(after the fact) or you are a beginner to the idea of Magic Leap, Inc.

Also, on a personal note credit to some of this post goes to @thedigitalacid on Twitter.

Think of this as a particular kind of a road-guide or FAQ about ML (short for magic leap) without questions, but with answers. This…

“Climbing Mount Everest” by Murphy Cooper from Interstellar | Mystery/Science Fiction film — 2014

Part 1, Form Factor: “Does this make my head look big?”

Whatever you do, don’t call it a lens. Magic Leap won’t. And say that it won’t disclose what the final goggles look like. Or even if they’re goggles.


Hi, I'm Noah | 26 | Unofficial Ambassador Of @magicleap l The Golden Leaper | DMs Open | The Excitement Is Real 😎🤣🚀#LeapSquad #LeapNation !! #magicverse

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